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  • No limit at this time.

  • Ship samples to the address on the registration.

  • From August 4th to September 30th, beers can be entered individually as needed. Due to varying production schedules and seasonal products, breweries and companies may find it challenging to submit all their entries at the same time.


    All beer submissions will be evaluated within 96 hours (4 days). Beer shipments will be immediately stored in commercial refrigerators. Brewski Awards Beer Competition use commercial True Refrigerators for storage. If specific storage or temperature instructions are necessary, kindly include a note with the shipment or send us an email. If there are specific storage or temperature instructions, just let us know with a note in the shipment or shoot us an email. Any specific drinking or pouring instructions can be communicated via note or email.

  • 6 Samples - 12 oz Beer Cans/Bottles

    4 Samples - 16 oz to 22 oz Beer Cans/Bottles

    2 Samples - 32 oz Beer Crowlers/Howlers

    2 Samples - 64 oz Beer Growlers

    Upon receipt, all samples are immediately refrigerated. For any special instructions or specific temperature needs, please send us a quick email or place a note in the ship.

  • Judging commences August 4th and concludes on September 30th. Within 96 hours (4 days) of delivery, judging will occur to maintain quality and freshness. If beer and cider arrive cold, they'll be stored in our commercial refrigerators accordingly. Conversely, if they arrive at room temperature, they'll promptly be placed in the refrigerator unless instructed otherwise.

  • In October 2024, submitting companies will receive their results prior to the official release in mid-October. We reach out to winning breweries, cideries, and retailers to verify the accurate spelling and formatting of company names and products.

Ship beer to address on the entry form and shipping labels. Beer shipments will go straight into commercial fridges unless otherwise instructed. Judges will judge the brews within 1 to 4 days of delivery. Breweries do not need to send all the beer entered in one go, they can send different types at different times. Just make sure everything's shipped by September 30th.

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