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The Brewski Awards was founded in 2015 to bring experienced beer consumers to taste and judge beers from around the world. The competition is unique as the judging panel tastes every beer entered.


The competition maintains the highest and most consistent standards of integrity and professionalism. Our goal is to help promote and shine a spotlight on beer brands that resonate with consumers.



Who are the judges at the Brewski Awards?

Judges are highly experienced beer consumers that taste independently of each other. The director of the tasting panel is a Certified Cicerone® that oversees the entire tastings process as well as selecting the judges. She is an enthusiast and not in the industry.

Do you accept cider brands in the competition?

Yes! On the registration form there is category codes for cider.

What Medallions Are Awarded?

Brewski Awards Brewery of the Year

Brewski Awards Cidery of the Year

Brewski Awards Beer of the Year

Brewski Awards Cider of the Year

Brewski Awards Platinum Medal

Brewski Awards Gold Medal

Brewski Awards Silver Medal

Brewski Awards Bronze Medal

How Many Medallions are Awarded?

We award medals to those products that showcase the highest quality and integrity. We base our judging on style guidelines. Not all products are awarded a medal.

What Are the Marketing Benefits?

Today's consumers have a plethora of choices. Beer and cider brands have an abundance of ways to connect to consumers. Brands as well as breweries and cideries that can best tell their story, engage with consumers and share the unique value their product and establishment offers will increase market share. 

Every consumer, distributor and so forth are used to beer brands and breweries proclaiming to be the best of the best. It is imperative to show why the product is valuable; to show why the product is recognized in excellence. This is one of the ways beer brands and breweries will remain on the mind of consumers. Marketing product quality and integrity from an outside source is effective. We taste the beer. Qualify the beer. And help you market the beer.

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