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The 2022 Brewski Awards is a beer competition that determines the best beer brands that deserve the best recognition. All products are judged as soon as they arrive to ensure freshness, quality and integrity. If the beer arrives cold, it stays cold. If the beer arrives room temperature, it goes into beer fridge immediately unless instructed otherwise.


Judges are highly experienced beer consumers. The director of the tasting panel is a Certified Cicerone. She is an enthusiast and not in the industry.

Benefits of Entering

Today's consumers have a plethora of choices. Beer brands have an abundance of ways to connect to consumers. Beer brands as well as breweries that can best tell their story, engage with consumers and share the unique value their beer and brewery offers will increase market share. Distinguish your beer and brewery's brand authenticity from artifice.

Every consumer, distributor and so forth are used to beer brands and breweries proclaiming to be the best of the best. It is imperative to show why the product is valuable; to show why the product is recognized in excellence. This is one of the only ways beer brands and breweries will remain on the mind of consumers. Marketing product quality is effective.


Taste the beer. Qualify the beer. Market the beer.


Brewski Awards Medals

Brewski Awards

Brewery of the Year

Brewski Awards

Beer of the Year

Brewski Awards

Platinum Medal


Brewski Awards

Gold Medal


Brewski Awards

Silver Medal


Brewski Awards

Bronze Medal

Brewski Awards recognizes excellence in beer brands and breweries worldwide. Brewski Awards help beer brands standout on the shelf.  Only the best beers and breweries will receive medals. Not all beers are awarded a medal.

Certificates & Accolades

Certificates with accolades and awards for use in point-of-sale, point-of-purchase, events and public relations.



Results are released individually to each brand so they can showcase any awards to consumers, retailers, bartenders, restauranteurs, distributors, importers and exporters.


Brewski Logos, Icons and Medals

Promote your award-winning beer with images of your 2022 Brewski Awards medallion. Brewery of the Year, Beer of the Year, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medal award imagery to use in online and print promotions.

One-Time Licensing Fee

There is a one-time licensing fee of 45USD per winning product. The license permits any person or agency promoting the product unlimited use, in perpetuity, of the 2022 Brewski Awards medallion imagery in any advertising, collateral, point-of-sale, public relations, or any other promotional channel pertaining to the product to which the medal was awarded and the license was granted. This license includes adding and printing medals and Brewski Awards logos to products such as cans and bottles.


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