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Request a 2024 Registration Form:

  • How many entries can a brewery or cidery enter?
    We do not have a limit at this time.
  • When do we ship beer and cider samples?
    On or after August 4, 2023. If there are seasonality or other special circumstances please send us an email and we will accommodate.
  • How many samples do we ship?
    6 Samples - 12 oz Cans/Bottles 4 Samples - 16 oz - 22oz Cans/Bottles 2 Samples - 32 oz Crowler/Howler 2 Samples - 64 oz Growler We refrigerate all samples as soon as they arrive. If there are special instructions or specific temperature requirements, please communicate in detail.
  • Where do we ship the beer and cider samples?
    Send to the mailing address on the entry form. If you're local, you can schedule a drop off. Email us for details.
  • When does the judging of the beers and ciders start?
    All products are judged within 96 hours of arrival to ensure freshness, quality and integrity. If the beer arrives cold, it stays cold in our commercial beer fridges. If the beer arrives room temperature, it goes into beer fridge immediately unless instructed otherwise.
  • When will results be released?
    Results will be announced in October 2023. Breweries will receive their results before official release. Please email us with any questions or comments.
  • How to purchase licensed medallion artwork and files for marketing?
    Brewski™ Awards Licensed Medallion Artwork and Files can be purchased here: The Brewski™ Awards medallion artwork license is for products winning a Beer of the Year™ Medal, Platinum Medal, Gold Medal, Silver Medal or Bronze Medal. This award imagery is available for online and print promotions. A one-time licensing fee for each winning beer allows unlimited use of the 2023 Brewski™ Awards Medallion Artwork by the brewery and/or brand's owner or anyone the brewery and/or brand chooses to promote the brand's award-winning beers. These are professional high-resolution digital files for license. They include logos, icons, and medallions. The one-time licensing fee is 55USD/winning beer. ​ The licenses allows brewery's award-winning beer to have Brewski Awards logos, icons, and medallions on beer bottles, cans, packaging, menus, and so forth.
  • How can I order the Brewski Awards acrylic framed certificates?
    Send us an email: Here is an example of the Brewski™ Awards Acrylic Framed Certificate measuring 6 x 8" and 8 x 10":
2023 Brewski Awards.png
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