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2023 Brewski Awards
Licensed Medallion Artwork and Files

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The 2023 Brewski™ Awards medallion artwork license is for products winning a Beer of the Year™ Medal, Platinum Medal, Gold Medal, Silver Medal or Bronze Medal. This award imagery is available for online and print promotions. A one-time licensing fee for each winning beer allows unlimited use of the 2023 Brewski™ Awards Medallion Artwork by the brewery and/or brand's owner or anyone the brewery and/or brand chooses to promote the brand's award-winning beers. These are professional high-quality digital files for license.


Standard licensing fee is 45USD/beer award.

Enhanced licensing fee is 90USD/beer award.

See below for descriptions.

1. Email brewery name to:


2. An invoice will generate for secure credit card payment​​.

3. Download / Receive Licensed Artwork and Files.

Terms & Conditions

The Brewski™ Awards medallion artwork license permits any person or agency promoting the product unlimited use, in perpetuity, of The Brewski™ Awards medallion and logo imagery in any advertising, collateral, point-of-sale, public relations, or any other promotional channel pertaining to the product to which the medal was awarded, and the license was granted. The license to use the image is not transferable for the purpose of promoting any other product, nor may it be used for any other purpose than to promote the award-winning product specified in the license. The Brewski™ Awards license allows imagery for the product awarded in advertising and collateral, but also in ads and promos the brand owner has given permission to sell and distribute products. The Brewski™ Awards license includes adding and printing winning medals and logos to their corresponding products such as bottles, cans, cases, banners, et cetera.

Standard License

Standard License grants worldwide and perpetual use of the images and files you license.

Here are some examples of how Standard Licenses can be used:

Web and app advertising

E-publications and email marketing

Use in social media and on video sharing services (like YouTube)

Small film productions, TV series or ads with a budget under $10K

Printed materials, including product packaging, with less than 500K total prints

Personal, non-commercial use (not for resale, download, distribution, or any commercial use of any kind)

Enhanced License

This is an Enhanced License that includes the Standard License. The Enhanced License grants worldwide and perpetual use of the images and files you license.

Under this Enhanced License, you’re able to use images, artwork and files for all the same things that come with the Standard

License, but without the restrictions on the budget or number of print reproductions. Some additional uses granted with this license are: Merchandise for promotional or retail use, Use within templates, Decoration in a business or commercial space.

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